FISHIN’ REPORT .. WEEK OF 07/03/2023

well, not much new to report..
Lake temps have gone up a bit to the mid 70s most everywhere..

Whites and Crappie have been sporadic at best lately.. the best catching has been in the early mornings and at night..

Some Stripers are being caught in front of the Dam very early in the mornings, trolling deep with White or Chartreuse crank baits.. One group caught a few on White horse head jigs..

Now I did have a pair of fishermen report to me today that they caught some healthy Whites in the backs of coves on the East side. The Whites were pushing bait fish into shallow water.. So maybe that’s a good sign..
Some Crappie have been caught in deep water ( 25′ or so ) around the damsite and Ash Canyon.
Night fishing under lights seems to still be the most productive.. Not huge catches but most are catching some Crappie using live Fatheads and Shiners ..

So it looks like the same patterns as the last month or so with a few better days…

The 4th of July weekend was a big success.. LOTS of folks enjoyed the lake….

Not sure how busy the lake will be this weekend but you can rest assured that it’s gonna be hotter’n a fur coat in Marfa.. (you might have to google that)..

anyway, Stephanie will be providing breakfast burritos tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday mornings.. come getcha’ one..

Come see us..


“It ain’t the heat, it’s the humility”… Yogi Berra