Well, the fishin’ has been kinda’ tough this week. The storms didn’t help much, and then the crowds on the 4th of July weekend beat the lake up pretty bad. Kinda’ a double edge sword, the crowds are great for business, but pretty rough on the fishin’.
Frank Vilorio caught fish for his customers, but had to work real hard to get it done.. Mainly White bass and not very many Walleye…
Wayne Harm went to Caballo this morning with some buddies, they caught Whites, but again not the numbers that we have been used to in weeks past, which is strange cause Wayne ALWAYS catches fish!!

So as the patterns develop in the next week, the best bet is the same routine that we have been posting for the last month or so..

Fish for White Bass in 15 – 20 feet of water with medium diving crank baits.. Yellow, chartreuse, orange.. or pretty much any color you have until you figure out what’s gonna work.
Drift or slow troll with live shiners has usually been a good bet. Jigging with Chrome or Yellow spoons… Look for the fish to boil and get in em..

The Walleye didn’t show up either this week, but try bouncing Walley divers or crank baits off the bottom in 5-10 feet..

No crappie were reported this week and no one mentioned Black Bass or Small Mouth either..

typically this pattern repeats this time every year, especially the week after the 4th of July weekend.. So don’t be afraid to get out there and find some fish. Remember, when the fishing is tough and you don’t catch anything in 20-30 minutes, CHANGE up.. move to a new location or change colors or techniques.. don’t keep fishing the same way hoping that they will start biting..

Night fishing under lights with live Shiners and Fatheads did produce the best results ..

if you do catch good fish, let me know so that I can post it..

Waste some time with yur kids… those are the moments that become memories…

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“let go of yesterday,,,,, cause yesterday has already let go of you… Steve Maraboli