This week didn’t change much from previous weeks..

water temps were still in the mid to upper 70’s at about 10′ or deeper…

the water is starting to drop so that should help… I can’t believe I just said that..

Several folks have seen large schools of small shad boiling on the top in the last two days.. that’s a very good sign..

If we can get some rains to cool off the afternoons and the water to stabilize a little, the fishin’ should improve.

some folks have caught good stringers of Whites as well as the occasional Walleye.. but no more or less than reported for the last month..

The Gulls should start huntin’ shad soon, that will be a welcome sign.. I’ll let you know.. We did see ONE gull this afternoon when we were out..

Don’t let that make you stay home.. load up mama and the kids and come fishin.. after all . “people die at home”

Burritos again on Friday, Sat & Sun as well as Paco’s taco truck in the parking lot..

come see us..


“the only guarantee for failure … is to stop trying” that counts for fishin’ too…