Well the fishin’ turned on again through the last weekend with a few new twists..

The White Bass are biting strong again, but not consistently in any one spot. Frank Vilorio is putting customers on good catches of Whites, but has to keep moving to find em. Same thing with Wayne and other locals that gave me reports in the last few days. You may catch 4 or 5 nice Whites in one spot and then they disappear.. You gotta’ move to another spot of change patterns to pick em back up… Most everyone are catching nice stringers but are having to work a little more to get em.. Lots of small Whites are boiling the water chasing shad along the banks on the west side up north..

Use Orange, Yellow or White crankbaits to find em.. sometimes you have to switch to Jiggin’ to keep catching em.. Then when the bite stops, MOVE to another spot.

Same thing seems to be happening with the Walleye.. The best pattern is to bounce yellow, chartreuse or orange walleye divers or most any crankbaits off the bottom in 5-8 feet of water along long sand banks or gravel beds on the east side. Keep moving until you get bites..

Blacks and Smallmouth is tough right now.. Most folks are catching on main lake points using soft plastics. Beyond that I don’t have any good info. Some of the local guys have caught some really nice Black Bass but no real pattern to it. Ron Gilworth has caught some really nice fish in the last week, but he ain’t talkin”.. So get out there and use your “confidence” bait and go from there…

No good reports on Catfish.. the Damsite still is producing small Catfish on cutbait, night crawlers or live Bluegill. No real size to em, but if you need to put a kid on fish that is a good place to go.

Night fishing under lights seems to still be very dependable. Live shiners and Fatheads along the tires or along the rock ledges on the east side.

A kid has only 18 summers…. think about that….

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