Well I can report that the fishin’ has improved.. not exactly “good” yet, but improved..
Most everyone that has gone out yesterday and today caught a few fish.. some folks caught a bunch. (not many)
Now that the lake level has stabilized the shad have spawned and there is so much natural food for the predatory fish that they don’t really want your lure.. but they can still be fooled.
Thanks again to Frank Viorio and few other locals for the report..

Water temperature 81 degrees in AM.

White bass are good using live shad, trolling Alabama rigs, sassy shad and kastmasters, good spots are kettle top, black bluffs and North Long Point.

Crappie fishing is fair using small minnows and a jig head at night under lights around both marinas.

White bass also being caught under lights using live bait and jigging kastmasters around the marinas,

some Walleyes are coming into the lights hitting live bait.

Catfish good on live shinners, shad and cutbait.

We do have live Shiners and some frozen shad. You gotta use a cast net if you want live shad.

The shad have been all over the lake in large balls. you can see the water moving when they come to the surface..

The lake level has been going down as usual for this time of the season.. just not very fast..

The food trailer has shut down for the season… but Stephanie will have breakfast burritos on Friday, Saturday & Sunday mornings..

Tell mama that the fishin’ is gettin’ better and you gotta go..

come see us..


“Skinny people are easier to kidnap.. so stay safe.. EAT.” think about it..