Well, not much to report again this week..
Fishin is a little better than earlier in the season.. just not much better..

Night fishin with live Shiners around structure and the marinas seems to be the best bet.

Frank Vilorio seems to be the only guide catchin fish.. but not many..

The best bite lately has been Catfish up North on live Bluegill, Shiners and cut bait..

Some Gulls have been chasing balls of Shad, not very active though.. when you find a ball of Shad throw Kastmasters, and Sassy Shad.. this action has been limited to the North end of the lake.

Some locals report the best action is still in the few hours before daylight..

Some Stripers have been caught in front of the dam trolling crankbaits and horsehead jigs at 15 – 25 feet.. at 0400 in the morning..

told’ya that there wasn’t much to report..

But what the heck.. yur not gonna catch anything unless you get here and fish !!

Tell mama that you gotta go hunt fish..

come see us..


“Many men go fishin’ all of their lives without knowing that it’s not fish that they are after ” Henry David Thoreau”

that’s an old quote, but could not be more true than right now…