FISHIN’ REPORT… Week of 08/26

The lake is rising fast.. with the dam closed and the favorable rains up North.. we are catchin’ a lot of water…

White bass fishing good using top water lures , Pop R’s , Flopper Poppers when casting into feeding schools.

Seagulls still leading to deep feeding schools, mid to late morning, then late evening have been productive.

Small mouth bass , LG mouth bass good on Rocky points and ledges leading to deep water, small plastics working good off the bottom, also drop shoting working good, some very nice large mouth and small mouth are also being caught on top water lures working the bank.

Walleyes still being caught in deeper water jigging off the bottom.

Crappie fishing good using small jigs and live bait.

Night fishing is continuing to be very productive.. Along cliffs, around structure under the lights.. using live Shiners and Fathead minnows..

If someone says you fish to much.. stop talkin’ to em.. you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life !!

Casa Taco is bringing the “gut grenade” burritos this Fri, Sat & Sunday morning.. get here early.. when their gone, their gone..

Grab yur kids and come fishin”

come see us..

No one on their deathbed ever said…. “I wish I’d spent more time at work”

That’s a bunch of good friends & a few good stories… don’t forget the fish !!