Fishing Report –FINALLY….03/10/21

well…. the lake is back in business for everyone… We opened up to out of state visitors a week or so ago.  There has been some scuttlebutt out there that we were closed to out of state visitors again… NOT TRUE..

We are open to all to enjoy….

the only bummer is that you still cannot camp on the beaches… only camping that is allowed is in the reservation area,,,, by reservation only….  But the RV parks are all open.. so until the beaches open up, don’t be afraid to git’ here and fish…

The white bass have been getting more active each week.. this week most of my contacts have caught BIG whites.  Not in large numbers, but large!.. 4-5 fish in 4-5 hours sorta thing.  Trolling along the south side of Long Point and around the bend under Kettle Top.  Mostly a mid to late morning bite…   A few are starting to show up along the rocky bluffs on the east side.  Chartreuse or Yellow crank baits in about 15 – 20′ of water… as slow as you can go..

Catfish are biting very well at the Damsite.  Most are small, 1 – 2 pounds..  but the 4 – 5 pounders are showing up often.  I spoke with some bank fishermen this morning, they have been fishing the catfish for three days, all day and all night.  with the late mornings and early evenings being the best.

No reports on the Walleye or Black Bass or Smallmouth bass or Crappie yet..

Bass Pro shops is send us an inventory of Ascend Kayaks.  So in the next week or so we will be Ascend Kayak dealers.  Look’em up on the innerweb and come see us.

We were out of live minnows for two weeks, our minnow supplier’s ponds all froze over and they could not get the little guys out of the pond.  So now that global warming is finally kickin’ in we have plenty of minnows. No Fatheads yet… as soon as the Crappie show up we will start stocking Fatheads.

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I am going to try to do better about getting you guys the fishing report on Wednesday evenings.. in the event that I get lazy again and you need to know the latest scoop… email me and I will respond…

We have breakfast burritos on Friday, Saturday and Sunday mornings.  We usually get enough to last the morning, but when there gone……..there gone… come getch’ya one.  It’ll ruin ya..

get yur kids here…they need to be outside …  “if you raise a kid on concrete… they’ll never know big wood from brush”..  Jim Owen…

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